Yvonne graduated from Glasgow Art School in 1998, receiving the American friends of the GSA award and was a Sotheby's International Young Artist, 1999. Trained as a sculptor, she now works primarily in Acrylics & Oil on canvas.

Artist Statement

As far back as I recall I have always made art.

Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from the stunning natural Scottish landscape. I love the quality of dappled light in the forests, the ever changing vista; a swift turn on the path leading to glens, mountains and seascape. I am intrigued by an implied human presence within my subject matter, the juxtaposition of the subjects and use of colour create a narrative, suggesting emotions, time and place without direct statement.

In my paintings I aim to capture the inner luminosity through use of extended layers of glaze and chiaroscuro, in some work I incorporate a variety of materials with glazing to depict the texture of the subject, whilst in others only glazing.

I was taught by artists such as Ken Mitchell, Pete Beven, Jock McInnes, Norman Kirkham, and Tom Allan amongst others.

Prices and delivery of original art can be obtained by contacting Yvonne direct.